Vacancy Intelligence Service

Let us do the time consuming work of researching vacancies for your business. Our Vacancy Intelligence Service needs no software installed. You simply register, pay, and start to have access to fresh vacancy leads immediately.

Caerus - The vacancy intelligence portal

Our Caerus web portal is available to all Vacancy Intelligence Service subscribers. Learn more about Caerus features here.

How It Works?

Vacancy intelligence in 4 steps
Step 1
We scan the internet for vacancies using state-of-the-art technology.
Step 2
Vacancies are filtered, evaluated and classified.
Step 3
You recieve access to new vacancies daily.
Step 4
You spend your time doing what you do best!

Pay as you Go Service

Purchase a week or 4 weeks access without any contracts or tie ins.

That's right, no subscriptions, no on-going costs, get the feed just when you need it.

It's really simple, use your paypal account / credit / debit card to purchase the feed through our pricing page and receive fresh, direct employer vacancies delivered to your mailbox, or via the Caerus portal, the next working day, even before breakfast!

Suneese have developed a system which uses cutting edge technologies to gather information on vacancies and employers who are recruiting. This information is then collated, added to our database, and checked for duplication and relevance. The resulting data is then provided to our subscribers as Vacancy Intelligence. Needless to say, only direct employer vacancies are sent to our subscribers, you will not find any agency jobs in our feed.

Who Can Use It?

Suneese Vacancy Intelligence Service has been designed to benefit employment businesses in all sectors and regions.


The Suneese system is web based so you only need access to a modern browser and an internet connection in order to make use of it. Nothing needs to be installed or adjusted.


Here is a sample of the emails you are going to receive daily:

**** Ltd           15/05/2009  Distribution Analyst
Customer Site                                                (017852*****)
000039   https://secure.******************.com/********/results.php
Contact Data:****&adv=*****  
**** Consulting    15/05/2009  Implementation Consultants    (00849)
Sheffield                       Company Site               (+4412********)
000038   https://www.******
Contact Data:****&adv=*****  
__________________________________________________________________________ **** Consulting 15/05/2009 Placing Broker London Company Site (+4412********) 000037 https://www.******.com/careersfinder/jobdetail.php?id=34 Contact Data:****&adv=*****  
__________________________________________________________________________ **** Consulting 15/05/2009 Senior Deisgner London Company Site (+4412********) 000036 https://www.******.com/?=jb42 Contact Data:****&adv=*****  
__________________________________________________________________________ **** Technologies 15/05/2009 Head of Business Developm (UK-CC40) London (0207*********) 000031 http://www.********.com/uk/jobs/A13 Contact Data:****&adv=*****  
__________________________________________________________________________ **** Technologies 15/05/2009 Structures Engineer (UK-TFSR) London (0207*********) http://www.********.com/uk/jobs/C49 Contact Data:****&adv=*****  
__________________________________________________________________________ **** Development 15/05/2009 Senior Consultant - (UK-CC42) London (0207*********) http://www.********.com/uk/Senior_Consultant_X11893 Contact Data:****&adv=*****  
Please note that the format has been updated since the page was created and that sensitive information is hidden in this sample and that the number of vacancies in the sample is limited to seven for illustration purposes

Vacancy Intelligence Service Options

In order to fully cover your needs and requirements for fresh and direct vacancies, we offer various options on the delivery of our Vacancy Intelligence Service:

  • Suneese Toe Dip
  • Suneese Portal Lite
  • Suneese Portal
  • Suneese Leads by Email
  • Suneese Professional
  • Suneese Multi User
  • Suneese Web Monitoring
We even offer great flexibility on the way you receive your daily, fresh vacancies:
  • Leads by Email : The hassle free solution. Receive your vacancy leads directly into your inbox.
  • Caerus Portal : Even more flexibility can be achieved with the portal, as you can select exactly the leads you want.
  • CSV file : Sent daily in your inbox, ideal for storing the received vacancies into your database, or process them through spreadsheet software.
Please note the Vacancy Intelligence service operates daily, on business days.